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  • Weighing a Hidden Cost of T1D Tech

    Last night, I spoke to a small group of parents of athletes about type one diabetes management and exercise. Everyone was engaged and the sharing that came out of it was incredible. I’ve missed doing these discussions, which were frequent in the pre-pandemic days. One mother of a teenager was there in person (the others […]

  • T1D Then and Now

    A panel discussion about generational changes in diabetes technology, including yours truly. I felt like a human time capsule. Kudos to the folks at JDRF and Beyond Type 1 for putting together an engaging discussion.

  • Talking About T1D and Exercise

    UPDATE (3/12/20): Due to the spread of COVID-19 this event has been postponed. A conflict with another event will prevent me from speaking at the rescheduled summit. I’ll be at the Type One Nation Summit in Winston-Salem, NC March 21, speaking about exercise and type one diabetes. No Powerpoint slides, I swear. Just sound information. […]

  • Thoughts on the Dexcom Share Outage

    Some background for those wondering “what’s a Dexcom?” and “why should I care about a ‘Share’ outage?”: Dexcom manufactures a popular continuous glucose monitor, or CGM, that allows people with diabetes who wear it to monitor their blood glucose levels in almost real time. It reduces the need for manual BG checks using a glucometer, […]

  • I’m the Type

    Earlier this year I collaborated with JDRF to create a video that highlights the type of people who ride and fundraise to support research into treating, preventing and curing type one diabetes. The video has been playing at JDRF Ride events this year, and I’m now able to make it available online.

  • JDRF Ride to Cure in La Crosse

    The first JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes of 2019 is in the books. 650 riders in La Crosse, WI raised more than $2.1 million for type on diabetes research. Here’s the start of our day.

  • Type One Diabetes and the Injured Athlete

    I wrote this article for Heidi Armstrong’s Injured Athletes Toolbox. Heidi is a friend and tremendous resource for athletes who are struggling with the mental aspects of an injury. This was my July: Recovering from a bicycle accident that left me with a broken clavicle and rib. Suddenly, I couldn’t ride my bike, and couldn’t […]

  • Ford and JDRF: Partners for a Cure

    During the JDRF Ride to Cure at Santa Fe last fall, I was interviewed for this video highlighting the relationship between Ford and JDRF. Apparently the producers thought my hobo chic was a good look. I’m riding again this year to raise money for the prevention, treatment and a cure for type one diabetes. Please […]