Category: Updates

  • Fleeing the birdsite

    I’m over at Mastodon, and at least on my server (federation FTW) the toxicity is at a low level. See for yourself how social media can be civil and interesting.

  • A New Gig

    Next week I’m starting a new chapter in my professional life. After 15 years as a solo consultant and orchestrator of what I call a “creative collaborative,” I’m joining Reuben Rink Marketing & Advertising as their director of digital services. I’ve known the folks at Reuben Rink as long as they’ve existed, and we’ve worked […]

  • T1D Then and Now

    A panel discussion about generational changes in diabetes technology, including yours truly. I felt like a human time capsule. Kudos to the folks at JDRF and Beyond Type 1 for putting together an engaging discussion.

  • Spiritual Homelessness

    Last week I resigned my membership at First Friends, the Quaker meeting Beth and me have attended for almost 19 years. At monthly meeting Sunday, my resignation was noted and sparked a lengthy, emotional discussion. I won’t go into the reasons I chose to leave. Ministry and Counsel will have to discern whether to share […]