Life at sea

A surreal, slightly off kilter look at an imagined life at sea, with the help of Midjourney AI.

Rewriting history with Midjourney AI

Image generation and manipulation aren’t new concepts. The various artificial intelligence tools, like Midjourney, do it faster than humans and produce sometimes-eerie, sometimes-accurate results. A lot of my experiments involve rewriting history, like the above photo that imagines Nixon dancing in the Oval Office (because who can imagine Nixon dancing?). These are a few samples.

It’s a little-known fact that Julia Child briefly took a sabbatical from television to work as a line cook in a Waffle House.
This 1959 NASA rendering of “Bono”, a Costa Rican sloth, features the would-be early space traveler perched far above earth’s atmosphere. Sadly, Bono was replaced by a chimp.
We can all agree that Prince Harry’s two-day career as an MC was a disaster, and it’s fortunate that no recordings exist of his performance in Ibiza.
As a young man, Rupert Murdoch auditioned for the role of Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane. Even at his young age, he was considered to look too old and the role went to Orson Welles.
For a brief second, Buck Owens and Sid Vicious made a half-living busking on street corners in Mississippi.

A long weekend in Montreal

I needed a brief vacation, and Montreal was a convenient place to meet a friend I hadn’t seen in far too many years. That’s how I ended up there for a long weekend, and while I normally would have spent the entire time wandering the streets, chasing interesting photographs, and sampling local food, very little of that happened this time. Aside from a pleasant Friday spent roaming Old Montreal, weather the rest of the weekend was cold and snowy and that made sipping bourbon on the sofa and talking into the wee hours far more appealing.

All that’s to say if you’re looking for a guide to Montreal, this is not your place. But I can offer my abbreviated greatest hits:

La Banquise, which is a classic stop for poutine, had a line out the door so we went across the street to Microbrasserie Pit Caribou (951 Rue Rachel E). They have local microbrews, including a tasty blond IPA, liquor, and charcuterie that featured ridiculously good bacon. It was packed, but the staff was friendly and we got a table quickly.

Montreal bagels are a thing. I don’t remember where we bought them, but I liked them and strongly recommend not thinking, “a bagel is a bagel,” because these are not what you’re used to eating, at least if you live in the US.

I’m a fan of Les chocolats de ChloĆ©, where I bought citron, rhum et raisin, and banane chocolates. They were fantastic. They were even better for breakfast, or so my friend told me.

I have a Ferris wheel fetish, so we rode the La Grande Roux. The visibility was terrible and it was snowing, so our timing wasn’t great. But I was on a mission. If you’re in Montreal, pick a clear night and ride it.

One more travel note: This was my first trip with Global Entry, and bypassing the line made all the hassle associated with getting approved worth it. Step up to a kiosk, take a selfie, go straight to passport control. Easy.

Spring Has Sprung

I was out for a walk last week and everything in nature signaled that spring has arrived. And yet it was February.