It’s typically not a good

It’s typically not a good idea to change all your cycling equipment at once….which is why I did it anyway. After 12 years of riding my Look-compatible Mavic pedals I sprang for some Speedplay Zeroes. The verdict: I already love ’em. There’s none of that skating on ice feeling that some folks warn about — just free float that is mostly imperceptible. Like the Mavics, I can dial in the amount of float, but unlike the Mavics I can clip into either side of the pedal.

56 miles this weekend gets

56 miles this weekend gets me closer to my modest season’s goal of 1,500. I can tell, however, that I haven’t been riding as much as I should would like. Those hills, you know?

I’m checking out the fixed gear gallery and thinking about some surgery for the Pinarello. Just another winter project.