Pandemic Journal: An Open Letter to the Clergy and Congregants of First Church of the Redeemer


First, I want to thank you for allowing the Pandemic Journal editorial team to make an appearance at Sunday’s 11 AM gathering. These are particularly challenging times for publishers and you provided us with the perfect forum to remind readers that we are alive and dedicated to maintaining the status quo, and to promote advertising sales while cloaked in the culturally unimpeachable character of Jesus. Thank you for your support!

I suspect that some of you are dwelling on the news reports about our attendance. “Traumatic” is a word that many carelessly toss around, but you know better. When I recover my mobile phone from the authorities I look forward to sharing the many selfies I took with the padre and his flock during our brief few moments together. And Agnes, my deepest apologies for the slight shove. I hope the hip is feeling better!

Now, about the elephant in the room. Technically, I was not responsible for ordering the parking lot to be tear gassed in advance of our arrival. And was my finger on the triggers of those “guns” that shoot non-lethal rounds? Of course not. So it’s unfair to blame me for the temporary blindness, respiratory distress and internal bleeding that heralded our arrival. We have places to go and things to do and expect to maintain an orderly schedule. And it was my assistant, whose name I will not release lest the angry mob outside dox him, who gave the orders. 

I want to redirect your attention to your own good book, specifically the chapter where a few annoying sheep have to be slaughtered to feed the wolf. That’s a lesson all of you, including dear, dear Agnes, should consider. It might serve you well if the day comes that you once again find yourself in the path of the Pandemic Journal goon squad.

Praise be,
The Editor

PS You might get a bigger turnout if you served better wine. I snatched a bottle for myself but am now asking why I bothered.