Rewriting history with Midjourney AI

Image generation and manipulation aren’t new concepts. The various artificial intelligence tools, like Midjourney, do it faster than humans and produce sometimes-eerie, sometimes-accurate results. A lot of my experiments involve rewriting history, like the above photo that imagines Nixon dancing in the Oval Office (because who can imagine Nixon dancing?). These are a few samples.

It’s a little-known fact that Julia Child briefly took a sabbatical from television to work as a line cook in a Waffle House.
This 1959 NASA rendering of “Bono”, a Costa Rican sloth, features the would-be early space traveler perched far above earth’s atmosphere. Sadly, Bono was replaced by a chimp.
We can all agree that Prince Harry’s two-day career as an MC was a disaster, and it’s fortunate that no recordings exist of his performance in Ibiza.
As a young man, Rupert Murdoch auditioned for the role of Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane. Even at his young age, he was considered to look too old and the role went to Orson Welles.
For a brief second, Buck Owens and Sid Vicious made a half-living busking on street corners in Mississippi.