50 (pleasant) miles

I’ve managed a fair bit of riding lately: Tuesdays at the Farmers Market, Thursday rides that change from week to week, the occasional Sunday ride. This morning about 20 of us rolled out of Shannon Hills at 9 AM for the usual 35/50 ride. The normal route is 35; adding the so-called “chicken loop” bumps it up to 50.

Fortunately the day was a little cooler than those before, though just as muggy. I opted for the long loop along with about a dozen others. We kept a comfortable (~18 mph) pace, chatted a bit, and took in the scenery. All in all, a pretty cool ride.

Other than the dudes doing a karaoke version of “Play that funky music…” in front of a hardware store. I wish I’d had a video camera to capture that.

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