My second 10-speed was an

My second 10-speed was an Austro-Daimler SLE. The SLE differed a bit from an SL; it had a three-spider Stronglight crank, and Huret derailleurs. I bought the bike from a shop in Knoxville, TN that was filled with a small inventory of bikes, Campy components, and cyclocross pictures. At the time (’77-ish), a ‘cross rider in Knoxville was like an Inuit in Mombasa — rare.

But back in the day, diversity in bikes was the rule. There weren’t any monster brands dominating the scene — just a wide variety of 10-speeds, with each having its own distinctive look. I kept that bike until 1989 or so, when I sold it to a neighbor’s boyfriend. I wonder where it is now.

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