Homeland Creamery Ride

Maybe a dozen and a half hardy folks gathered Saturday at Hagan Stone Park. Standing around the parking lot we felt pretty darned toasty, because there was zero wind, but one we got rolling I could tell that it was indeed 46 degrees.

No one was in much of a hurry. Those who inadvertently went off the front sat up and waited, so we made the turn back toward town together, and arrived at Homeland Creamery as one group (minus David, who was lured off course when he followed the one guy who didn’t want ice cream). We overwhelmed the staff, played with the resident dog, sat in the sun, and ate plenty of ice cream.

The last few miles were even more leisurely, though when we made the turn on to Old Liberty Road I heard the unmistakable sound of air leaving a tube, and then watched the guy in front of me skid a bit before rolling to a stop. “I’ve never changed a rear flat,” he said. So Scott and I felt obligated to stop and help him. Tube changed, we rolled on back to the park.

Stats for this lazy date: ~39 miles @ ~ 16.5 mph. But who’s counting?

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